5 Best Beach Holiday Destinations For Families

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1. Negombo, Sri Lanka

Negombo is the perfect place to start out or end a vacation in Sri Lanka or, indeed, to spend every week if you don’t want to travel far away from the airport. Located just a 30-minute drive from Bandaranaike International Airport, you’d never know you were so close once you get there.

One of the simplest beaches in Sri Lanka, Negombo features a wide beach with soft sand and much of shade under gently swaying palm trees. watch out for swimming there – it is often muddy and therefore the riptides are strong but the shallows are great for paddling.

The main part of the town boasts a few good hotels including a couple from the Jetwing collection. There are a spread of restaurants along the most street and also lining the beach – perfect for sundowners. The beach is additionally very fashionable with locals so it’s fun to travel and watch all of them flying kites and socializing. There also is a spread of water sports shops on the beach where you’ll hire equipment or take a scuba course.

2. Dahab, Egypt

Unlike many Asian destinations, Dahab doesn’t have large stretches of white sand with clear blue waters. However, if you wish a side of culture and nature together with your beach, you’ll find many reasons to go to Dahab.

For kids, we particularly just like the central Lighthouse area with its shallow, confined area. It’s situated during a sheltered bay, so albeit it’s windy, this is often an excellent place to swim. In between swims you’ll relax at one among the various restaurants right near the water. You’ll also find many shops right there on the boulevard.

Eel Garden features a similar setup, minus the shops. We especially love it there if there’s no wind. Dahab’s Laguna is additionally an excellent area for families, with lovely sandy areas and shallow water. the sole downside to the Laguna is that it’s a touch outside of town and there are not many facilities and no shade.

Heading to the south of Dahab, you’ll find Wadi Gnai. this is often one of our favorite places in Dahab. Spend the day swimming and lounging at one among the Bedouin restaurants right near the water. These are in proper Bedouin-style, with carpets, pillows on the bottom, and low tables… and you’ll often see camels passing by.

3. Tenerife, Canary Islands

We don’t take that a lot of beach holidays. during a family where three of the four folks have varying degrees of attention deficit disorder, sitting on a beach is simply not that interesting. Sometimes, however, you actually just got to escape from the bleakness of winter. A beach holiday of sunshine and relaxation can really make an enormous difference in attitude for the entire family.

My children adored the black sand beaches of Tenerife. The black sand beaches are the natural beaches of Tenerife whereas the yellow sand beaches on the island are imported from the Sahara.

For the youngsters, mixing the black sand with some water and it had been a bit like playing within the mud. They looked a fright by the top of the day but it all washes off. On the plus side, it had been much easier to wash them off because you’ll spot the black sand much easier than the standard yellow sand!

4. Playa Jutías, Cuba

Playa Jutías in Cuba’s western peninsula Piñar Del Rio is one of the simplest beaches with families you’ll find in Cuba. just like the famous Varadero beach, Playa Jutías offers the foremost pristine white sand and turquoise waters. The beach itself is sort of narrow, but the general feeling makes it a dream location!

The beach is great for teenagers because the water is extremely calm and shallow for an extended while. Little ones can even enter on their own. because it is so remote there’s no nearby accommodation nor are there any shops. Most tourists visit Cayo Jutías as each day trip from Viñales.

There are 3 parts to the beach: the central area is where you’ll find the foremost visitors. you’ll rent sun chairs and umbrellas (a great choice if you accompany kids – the sunburn!) and there’s a (very bad!) restaurant. If you attend the West, there’s a more remote area with a few bars. If you attend the East (you need to rehearse the mangroves a touch, but it’s very easy) you’ll reach another remote area.

5. Mount Maunganui, New Zealand

Mount Maunganui, within the North Island of latest Zealand, is one among the foremost beautiful white-sand beaches within the country and is basically great for teenagers. the most beach is an expansive popular surf beach (without the crazy huge waves) and is well protected by local lifeguards. the good thing about the Mount is that it sits on the peninsula, meaning if you favor a flat, calmer beach, you’ll walk 5 minutes across the road to Pilot Bay and luxuriate in more protected, flat waters. this suggests it’s great on any day, regardless of the weather.

Mount Maunganui may be a popular holiday spot for locals, meaning it’s many great hotels and apartment accommodation on the brink of the beach. frozen dessert stores are right across the road for a classic kiwi frozen dessert at the beach and there are many cafes and restaurants accessible.

An iconic thing to try to while visiting Mt Maunganui beach is to climb the Mount. The views from the highest of the Mount walk are incredible, but if you favor, there’s a seaside track round the base of the mountain, for a flatter, easier walk. confirm you say hello to the resident seal who likes to enjoys the sun on the rocks.

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