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A simple online image search brings up images of the clearest water in the world cloudless skies and glow-in-the-dark sand. The Maldives is world-famous for its unbelievably picturesque beaches.

Maldives Blue Sand Bioluminescent Phytoplankton Stars At Night Sea Of Stars

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Maldives beach glowing. This Bioluminescence can occur throughout the Maldives 26 atolls. In some places these bioluminescent plankton even turn orange. These are considered to be the major responsible creatures for this bioluminescent phenomenon.

The reason behind this glowing beach in the Maldives is because of the sea planktons present in it. Bioluminescence is when seas gain a bluish glowing during the night. Here at Marine Savers we photographed an unusually excellent display on 5th August 2013 Four Seasons Resort Landaa Giraavaru Baa Atoll Maldives.

This beach is located on Mudhdhoo Island in the Maldives and it is also known as the Vaadhoo beach. If you want the highest chance of seeing this bioluminescent plankton Vaadhoo is your best bet. Well it is a sought-out tourist experience but this phenomenon that transforms the sea into a field of glowing stars naturally came from Mother Earth.

Vaadhoo Island is a part of the Raa Atoll in the Maldives. The creatures emit light which is only seen in the dark at the night time. The glowing beach of Maldives is precisely located on Mudhdhoo Island also called Vaadhoo Island in Atoll Maldives.

If youre wondering why does Maldives beach glow at night the answer is bioluminescence. Maldives Promotion House Maldivian beaches are usually famous for its powdery white sand and the crystal clear water that splashes over it. As waves break on the sandy shore or if you step bare foot into wet sand a bright green-blue glow appears like an aura.

When contacted or agitated by external forces be it a oxygen a wave ship or even your hands they glow in reaction emitting a dense blue light from their tiny cells. The glow or the light you see is emitted by the living creature. A set of lights shallowly buried under the sand to make the sea glow at night and turn it into a tourist attraction.

With the insignificant population of the island this supernatural beach was kept a secret for a long time until the tourists came. This Island is easily accessible in under 15 minutes if you take a speedboat or a ferry from Male the capital of Maldives. This glow-in-dark is basically a natural phenomenon called Bioluminescence wherein light is emitted or created by a living organism.

Yes you read that right. High season for spotting the plankton is mid-summer through to winter but it can appear at any time. This tropical nation comprises of 26 ring-shaped atolls which are consists of more than 1000 coral islands.

Where is the Maldives glowing beach. Its a small island part of the Raa Atoll Maldives that only has about 500 people living there. The creatures on this beach use chemical energy and release it as light using a special compound called luciferin which starts to glow when it gets exposed to oxygen.

PawelG Photo Shutterstock This mesmerizing beach is covered in tiny microorganisms that are commonly mistaken for phytoplankton. But there is a more unusual sighting that is not common though not rare either. This magical effect is caused by the bioluminescent planktons.

This actually occurs all over the Maldives however the best-known place to see it is on Vaadhoo Island. Vaadhoo Island has no luxury resorts and only populated with a lesser number of locals. Its small in population but thanks to the glorious glow of its now-famous beach it has become a popular tourist destination within the island chain.

Answer 1 of 2. The glowing waves that crash on shore during starlit nights leaving behind tiny specks of light etched in to the sand were subject to much folk lore. The Maldives is famous for shining white beaches and teeming marine life and almost every island is visited by glowing plankton.

Located in an inhabited island called Vaadhoo of Raa Atoll the glow in the night sea planktons takes its rare occurrence in the beach of the small island making it the popular glowing beach Maldives. 1 Im not sure that anyone has identified a season for the best bioluminescence. One of the main reasons why Maldives are considered one of the best summer destinations is the fact that its beaches glow at night.

Maldives is a truly heaven on earth for its white pristine beaches crystal clear waters and mystical glowing blue waves and much more. Do you know theres a beach in Mudhdhoo Island also known as Vaadhoo Island of Maldives that glows at night. Visitors have had the most luck seeing the blue glow during July to February especially during a new moon since the darkness of the sky helps intensify the light.

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