Most Beautiful Mountains in the World

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1. Denali, USA

Denali, USA

Mammoth Denali is that the highest peak altogether of North America. Craggy and snow-covered, it soars to quite 6,190 metres above water level , rising from the stark valleys of Alaska’s Denali park . The mountain was once referred to as Mt McKinley, but after many decades of controversy, in 2016, the height was officially dubbed Denali, a reputation long employed by native peoples.

The peak are often seen from the Denali Park Road, which spools out for a few 92 miles. Though temperatures are bracing, you’ll likely get the simplest views of the mountain in winter, when the cloudiness is a smaller amount . During summer you’ll drive the primary fifteen miles of the road, which is studded with stop-offs offering postcard-worthy views of the mountain from around mile nine. Look out for grizzly bears too!

2. Vinicunca, Cusco Region, Peru

Also referred to as the Rainbow Mountain, Vinicunca translates to “seven-colored mountain” within the local language spoken within the Cusco region of Peru. The mountain’s colors come from mineral deposits, but they weren’t always easy to ascertain . For years, Vinicunca was hidden under a thick layer of ice.

3. Mount Fuji, Japan

Mount Fuji is almost 12,400 ft tall and is Japan’s No.1 tourist attraction. The breathtaking views here never fail to impress anybody who comes here. this is often one among the foremost massive volcanic mountains within the world, which is active even now and majestically sits over a junction of three tectonic plates. The months July and August see the foremost amount of hikers attempting to climb this volcanic mountain and most of them make it to the summit successfully.

4. Mu Cang Chai, Vietnam

A hidden gem during a small, rural province in Northern Vietnam, Mu Cang Chai is home to terraced rice fields that are a shade of green so deep, you’ll desire you’ve stepped into a painting. counting on the month you’re there, the fields’ colors can vary from emerald green to golden yellow to brown . Carved right into the Hoang Lien Son range by the local Hmong people within the 1400s, the rice fields are still harvested by them today.


Los Cuernos del Paine or ‘Paine horns’ ask a group of sharp granite peaks in Torres del Paine park , all of which rise above 2,000m. The spiky peaks have delightfully fitting names – among them Aleta de Tiburón (Shark’s Fin), La Espada (The Sword) and La Hoja (The Blade) – and are located halfway along the W trek, one among the simplest hiking trails in Torres del Paine.

6. Tre Cime di Lavaredo, Italy

This three-peaked beauty within the Italian Alps seems like it just sprouted out of the bottom , and there are not any other peaks within the immediate vicinity. The tallest of the three dolomites climbs 9,836 feet and was first ascended in 1869, but today you’ll can get close via variety of routes. That said, take care if you rent a car and approach — the winding roads are narrow and exposed with few guard rails.

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